Monday, August 16, 2010


broccoli is almost ready for harvest!
Having fun with all the variety of product we have grown this year!

More potatoes please Sir!!!

Havested some more potatoes. These varieties are for baking and mashed.

Torpedo Onions

Harvested all of the torpedo onions. Letting them dry for a day or two.

Did you say Cheddar!

Cheddar Cauliflower! We are going to have this for dinner tonight!

Sliced Purple haze Carrots

They were very nice with are salad!

Summer harvest

Some more purple haze carrots!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This is our first meal where everything on the plate was from our garden. We harvested everything today except for the beets (see golden beets below), they were picked a few weeks ago and pickled. The menu consisted of potatoes baked on the grill, purple haze carrots, curried yellow squash, salad with sungold tomatoes and nastursium, raw broccoli, kolrahbi and freshly made applesauce. Nothing better than fresh picked vegetables!


Actually, this is a very small bud. I put the camera on Micro and moved it close. We should have a good head of broccoli in a couple days.

Green tomatoes

Since we have put up the hoop houses the tomatoes are growing at a faster rate. We pull the sides up during the day to get more heat in and at night lower the sides to keep the heat in. I will start to put lighted candles in the hoop house soon to give a little more heat at night. I will just put the candles in a water bath, so I feel safe during the night.

Red Onions

This is the first year I have been successful at growing onions. We have shared some with neighbors, pickled julienne cut onions and a few made it on a pulled pork sandwich. The rest are hanging in a basket in the kitchen waiting for further instructions. I need to make a cold cellar.

Golden beets

Just harvested these golden beets. We cleaned them up and put them in water and simmered them until they were cooked all the way through. We pickled them for later eatings.

Helping Summer along!

We put these two hoop houses over the tomatoes because we have not had a consistent summer of temperatures for tomatoes. Last two days in the low 70's during the day, 50's at night. I guess that is why most commercial growers here do Green houses, hot house etc.