Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pumpkin Flower

Good night pumpkin!

Pumpkin Flower

Good morning pumpkin

Onion harvest

Pulled up Red onions and a variety called torpedo red onions. Roasted with for dinner. When I pull the next onions I need to let them dry out for a day or two.

First Potatoes

It just amazes me how putting one potato in the ground can yield 8 lbs. or more of product. This is the first plant variety that I pulled up today. They are purple potatoes. We roasted them on the BBQ just in olive oil, salt and pepper. Yummmmmm!

It's almost Carrot Time!!!

We pulled this Purple haze carrot out today to see what size the carrots are. They need a little more time in the ground. We had that in our salad for dinner

Now it's Summer Time

We have had our first summer temperatures. We went from 67 degrees to 97, 95, and today it is 83. The garden is loving it. Now we need the summer here to stay for a long time. Here in the NW we have had a slow start with produce. Great plants, now we need the fruit to ripen